Master Barbers Institute - We Instruct student on cut hair.We also work on clients to give them a good hair cut.
Future Students:

Courses We Offer 
1000 Class A Barbers License 
300 Cross over course

 The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation (Commission) adopts amendments to the Barbers program rules at (16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 82, §§82.10, 82.20 - 82.22, 82.28, 82.52, 82.70, 82.72, 82.74, 82.80, 82.120, and new rule §82.77). The adopted rules implement necessary changes as required by House Bill 2847, 86th Legislature, Regular Session (2019), increasing the inspection cycle for establishments that provide certain services, providing for the regulation of remote service businesses and digitally prearranged remote services, including recommendations from the Advisory Board’s workgroups to reduce regulatory burdens by removing outdated requirements for schools, and providing more clarity to the industry by using updated and standardized terminology. The adopted rules also lower the number of hours required to obtain a Class A Barber license from 1,500 to 1,000 hours.

For more Information Contact Mr. Gene Garcia at 214- 948-2995 
or Master Barbers Institute 214- 942-2101 

                       Classes start every First Tuesday of every month:
                                           Next available classes

                                                 August 3 rd
                                                 September 7th 
                                                 October 5th
                                                 November 2nd
                                                 December 7th 

Students may register prior or on start date to enroll 
What to bring on your registration day:

       Valid Texas Identification Card , Social Security Card , High school Diploma or GED 

      Down payment amount for your course in a money order


Shifts are available for both Class A Barbers License and Cross over Course

                          Morning Shift

              Tuesday - Friday 8 am- 1:30
              Saturday 8 am - 1 pm 

                Saturdays are Mandatory

                        Afternoon Shift 

             Tuesday - Friday 1:30 - 7 pm
            Saturday 11 am - 4 pm 

                    Saturdays are Mandatory

                 Class A Barbers Course
                         1000 hours
                                    Complete in just 10 months
 5 hours per day = 25 hours per week = 100 hour possible completion per month based on attendance
Course length 10 months 

Requirements: Valid Texas ID, SSI Card, High-school diploma or GED

 Tuition base price : $5,200
Price increases after 10 month contract

Down payment: $1600 ( including Milady Standard Barbering Book, Review book, Registration fee, 20% percent tuition, first months payment)

Monthly payments: $ 400 per month per 100 hours completed for the remaining 9 months

Tools: Basic Tool Kit $400 (optional not included with tuition)
price with promotion $5 per credit hour
1000 hours required by TDLR

10 month contract, each additional month needed to complete course is $400 a month 

                                  300 hours: For licensed                                           Cosmetologist only
                  Tuition base price :$2,200

                      Complete in just 3 month contract

Requirements: Valid Tx ID, SSI, High school diploma or GED, Valid Cosmetology license with recent photo

Down payment: $1,200 ( includes 25% tuition, first months payment,  registration fee, Milady barber book and review book)

Monthly Payments: $500 x remaining 3 months ( after down payment) 

Tools : (optional) $400 basic tool list 

Optional requirments:
ITIN # replaces SSI
ATB Test replaces GED
Valid Passport replaces Valid TX ID

Re-enrolls: If a previous MBI student wishes to re-enter school
Down Payment : 20% percent of students total tuition based on amount of hours remaining
Re enroll fee: $150
Remaining hours x $4.00 per hour 
100 hours per month only 
Monthly tuition $400 per month